Sarah's Various Homes over the Years

Sarah's old family House in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire.




Homes with Andrew Lloyd Webber

Old Home America

Old Home Santa Monica California

Eaton Square London Apartment



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Some History - of the house

John O’Gaddesden was was born in 1280 and was probably the son or relative of John O’Gaddesden who was one of the original sponsors of the College of Bonhomes at Ashridge established in 1286 and now the renowned Ashridge Management College. He studied  at Merton College, Oxford and graduated a Bachelor of Medicine in 1307, later becoming court Physician to Kings Edward I, II and III.  He completed his Rose Angelica treaties on the practice of medicine, which was a major reference book and used throughout Europe for over 300 years.  He went onto take Holy Orders and was  appointed 'King's Clerk' in the service of the King and later joined the entourage of The Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy


it has seen said that Chaucer contemporary of O’Gaddesden at Court used him as the model for the "Doctor of Physick character in "The Doctors tale” and also referred to his work in the prologue to the Canterbury Tales.


The historic link between John O’Gaddesden and the house has never been proven but the  association with his name and Ashridge has existed for centuries.  Them is also an ancient reference to "Gaddesden  where Lord of Darbye had a pretty manor house of timber". Darbye was Henry Bolinbroke, a close relative  of the Black Prince who later became Henry IV in 1399.


The photos below come from the PDF file of the sellers details are are NOT how the Brightman's had the house when they lived there.  This is still someone's home - please respect their privacy and note that this is shared with fellow SB fans as chance to see Sarah's wonderful childhood home, nothing more, nothing less.

The Solar



hallway ?


Dinning Room


One of the Bedrooms


The Back Garden


At the Back of the House - Patio / Paved area